September 08, 2006

hacks for Blogger Beta

Here a few of the best out yet:

Label Cloud
A customizable Label Cloud to integrate with the template code. And it degrades gracefully for browsers with javascript disabled.

Hot Links for Social tools
How to add hot links for social tools like del.ici.ous and digg.

Multi-Style Labels Widget
It let's the user choose the labels presentation. The choices are between a list, a menu and a cloud.

3-Column Layout
How to create 3-Column templates in Blogger Beta.

Port Haloscan to Blogger Beta
How to implement the Haloscan comments on the new templates.

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Ana disse...

Era tão bom que estes post estivessem completos.... em Português =)

Segui as instruções e não consegui =(

keep on the good work

aqui e lá