October 27, 2006

The browser's war

Alex Iskold from Read/WriteWeb compares the current batch of browsers:

  • IE7: "Solid release, which is going to help Microsoft maintain the market leadership in the near future"
  • Firefox: "We think that Firefox is going to continue narrowing IE's lead, but await with interest the next major version!"
  • Safari: "It's a clean and simple web 1.0 browser, but needs a major feature boost in order to be a contender even on the Mac."
  • Opera: "We can see why fans like this browser, but a bigger future depends on spicing it up and poring in the marketing dollars."
  • Flock: "Great productivity browser for web 2.0"
  • Maxthon: "Need to apply Occam's Razor (i.e. make it simpler), but definitely could be a contender because of solid service integration."
To read the full browser faceoff article click here.

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