January 22, 2007

Sex (un)education

"Some advice on sex and love from a 1917 medical manual written by the well-respected doctor of medical things pertaining to women, William J. Robinson, M.D."

on sexuality
"While a woman may be able to give a man perfect sexual satisfaction, and she may have an angelic character, if her body is not all that could be desired, the man will be dissatisfied and unhappy."

on homossexuality
"A homosexual, man or woman, has no right to marry. Homosexuality is hereditary, and nobody has a right to bring homosexuals into the world, for there is no unhappier being than a homosexual."

on obesity
"Nothing is more fatal to a woman's beauty than a big stomach, and particularly a hang-down stomach. Some savage tribes prefer obese women with enormous abdomens, but this is not the case with the Caucasian race."

on infidelity
"Many wives drive their husbands to other women, and are alone responsible for their suffering, and for the cooling of their husbands' affections."

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